Studio Brussel / StuBru at work visits Elaut

Our Elaut people are top quizzers with great team spirit.

On Thursday, February 25 we won a quiz game on Belgian Radio (Studio Brussel) and now we choose the music on StuBru on Friday 26th between 9 am and 4 pm. StuBru will broadcast from our production area at Sint-Niklaas.

And on top of this : the band 'Het Zesde Metaal' performs for us (from its own studio).

Let's have some fun !

All this with respect for the Covid-19 rules (some parts of the show will be organized from the music studio's in Brussels). Masks are obliged, social distancing will be respected, and - as standard in Corona times - visitors will not be allowed.

But hey, turn your radio on and forget a few moments that we are living in difficult times.

26 Feb 2021


A fantastic week with StuBru came to an end. Thank you, StuBru!

With a warm thought to our customers, with businesses closed because of Covid-19.

Worlds first “immersive” claw crane!


The claw can pick up prizes up to 6kg.

Players step into the claw control center and get ready to go shopping in the prize pit full of giant-sized plush toys.

The crane gantry will travel over the players head allowing the player to direct the massive claw, using the standard and traditional joystick.

Once the massive claw fingers grabs the prize, the gantry will attempt to deliver the prize to a unique prize bin, located to the player lower left.

The prize door will only open when the prize sensor has been triggered.

realistic surfin’ experience.

Players will look to catch a wave that is filled with ocean delights that will add to the players ticket count. Utilizing a full motion, surf board controller, players will use their body weight to move side to side and up and down in this wild surfboard ride; all the while collecting sea creatures, treasure chests and time bonus in the surf.

This bright and colorful game, developed by TeamPlay and engineered by Benchmark Games,  features a 43” monitor and motion based platform for realistic surfin’ experience.

Low ceiling marquee option available!


A NEW and exciting "HYBRID" product that combines a traditional "board game" style video with a claw ticket redemption machine.
The player will strategically position their claw over the disired ticket rolls that will award them with multiple steps to navigatie the tricky path littered with big ticket values and danger zones.
The ultimate goal is to reach the finish line and collect the Bonus Ticket Value.

video board game

◉ 22" SCREEN
Sure to be the genre of crane operation.
The machine is equipped with the Elaut RFID reading technology.
Available in March 2022
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February 25, 2021

Studio Brussel / StuBru at work visits Elaut


Big and Small Amusement Games for Theme Parks, FECs, Arcades, Bowling Centers and Streetops.
E-Claw 600 Series

E-Claw 600 Series

◉ Automatic or manual setup

◉  Fully LED equipped

◉ DLX cabinet with a storage drawer for extra stock (ideal for FEC with small storage space)

◉ Shelves to display the merchandise

◉ Special designed gantry for easy removal

◉ Different claw sizes available

◉ Bill acceptor, cashless and swipe card compatible

FLINTSTONES Quarry Quest / 1 Player

FLINTSTONES Quarry Quest / 1 Player

◉ 1-player skill ticket redemption game

◉  Double bonus feature

◉ Closed loop system

◉ Only ticket pay out

◉ Attractive theme & sound

FLINTSTONES Quarry Quest / 2 Player

FLINTSTONES Quarry Quest / 2 Player

◉ 2-player skill ticket redemption game

◉  Double bonus feature

◉ Closed loop system

◉ Only ticket pay out

◉ Attractive theme & sound