IISF Gibtown

The show is on ! February 16 thru 19

February 21, 2021


This Crane Trailer is outfitted with:

Two (2) E-Claw 900 2P cranes
Two (2) E-Claw Cosmic cranes
One (1) E-Claw 600 2P cranes

In recent weeks we have started to see an increased levels of interest in this product. A number of Indoor-Outdoor FEC's and malls are considering adding our Crane Trailer to their mix of outdoor attractions. This is a great way to appeal to kids but more importantly to the parents while they wait for their kids on the various rides. For those of you who have a card swipe system, these cranes can easily be set up on your system thus making it so simple to use your player cards.

Our Crane Trailer is a great way to generate additional income, add a unique attraction to your mix and provide great entertainment to all your customers. Our Crane Trailer allows you to bring our great earning cranes outside!!

If you are in the Gibtown area please visit Tony at the show to take a tour of our revenue generating Crane Trailer. He can answer all your questions and design your own custom trailer.

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